JavaScript One A Day

  • New Video: GraphQL Interfaces, Unions, and Fragments in SwiftUI
    Learn to create schemas using Interfaces and Unions. Create queries using Fragments. And how to configure and query from an iOS SwiftUI application using Apollo iOS client.
  • New Video On SwiftUI 2.0 State Management
  • Video Build Stackoverflow Clone IV
    Part IV. This video focuses on React and Ionic component design and code reuse.
  • Video Build Stackoverflow Clone III
    This video it focuses on building out the GraphQL portion of the Vertx backend using Kotlin. We will also create the initial UI in React for authentication. Items covered include Apollo GraphQL, Graphql-Java, Kotlin, TypeScript, Vertx, CORS, Authentication, Server Side Sessions, Response Headers, and Ionic.
  • Video Build Stackoverflow Clone II
    Part II of my series on building a Stackoverflow clone. This video will cover GraphQL, Vertx setup and configuration, and the Kotlin language. It’s actually an update of my Node web app DzHaven.
  • Video Build Stackoverflow Clone I
    New series on building a stackoverflow clone. It’s actually an update of my web app DzHaven. Currently written in React and Node. Soon to be updated to React Ionic and Vertx Kotlin.

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